Conscious living and wellness start by understanding how different lifestyle, environmental and social factors affect your individual health and healing and which factors contribute to symptoms and disease. It involves recognizing that all aspects of an individual are linked and that everyone is affected by their external environment, lifestyle factors, relationships and social interactions.

In order to determine what factors are contributing to your health, our naturopathic sessions involve:

Detailed Assessment

During the initial 1.5 hour visit your naturopathic doctor will review all aspects of your current health, past medical history, current and past medical treatments and prescriptions, lifestyle, social and external environments to ensure that they have a full understanding of the factors that are impacting you. We also use a number of objective measurements (such as blood and urine tests) to understand the impact on your health. The following assessment services are provided:

leaf.jpg  detailed questionnaires and health history

leaf.jpg  physical exam

leaf.jpg  nutritional analysis

leaf.jpg  structural, balance, joint and muscle assessments

leaf.jpg  laboratory testing and reports

leaf.jpg  pH assessment and analysis

leaf.jpg use of medical labs and reports from other health practitioners


Naturopathic doctors are trained and regulated in the diagnoses of diseases.  For a diagnosis to be beneficial it needs to provide not only the name of the condition or disease that is of concern, but the reason why, the level and vitality. A naturopathic diagnosis is both categorical and descriptive. The categorical component represents the conventional medical diagnosis and relates to the label that is given to any condition.

The descriptive aspect of the diagnosis makes the difference and provides you with the understanding of the factors that contributed to your symptoms or disease and what you need to change or address in order to achieve health. Vitality relates to a person's healing ability and their overall sate of health.


We recognize that the success of any treatment depends on the thoroughness of the assessment and how appropriate the treatment plan is customized to the individual.

Our focus is on educating you how best to achieve and maintain your own health. Our focus is on conscious living and wellness and hence, most treatment plans include lifestyle changes such as food, exercise, water, breathing, posture, sleep and sunlight. We provide nutritional and herbal supplementation, homeopathic remedies as well as acupuncturenutritional counsellingintravenous therapies, and energetic therapies to support your journey to health.

Throughout the treatment plan practitioners listen to ensure that the expected results are being achieved. They also work with other health care practitioners as required.

Review & Reassessment

Our clinic is committed to ensuring that your health goals are met and maintained. The way to maintain optimal health and wellness is to check in with your naturopathic doctor on a bi-annual basis, after injuries or accidents or whenever your health changes or your medications change.

To ensure optimal health care we offer same-day acute visits for conditions such as sprains, strains, colds, flus, fevers, gastritis, ear infections, bites, etc. We also offer specialized treatments for rehabilitation after injuries.