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Articles written by and featuring Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND

The following articles have been written and published by Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND.

International Naturopathic Journals

World Naturopathic Federation: The Central Role of Research in the Growth of the Global Naturopathic Profession – Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine – Volume 25(2) 2019

Overview of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF) – Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine – 2018

Link Between Emotions and Chronic Disease – Natural Medicine Journal, USA

Vital Link:
Lloyd I, Saunders P. Assessing for the co-morbidities and factors that may affect a patient's risk and response to COVID-19. CAND Vital Link. 2020;2:19-26.
Ontario Regulations, What has Changed; What's to Come – Winter 2018
Physical Health Impact of Prolonged Screen Use in Children and Adolescents – Summer 2015
Psychological States Associated with Cancer – Summer 2014
Cardiac and Diabetic Biomarkers – Summer 2012
In-Office Lab Tests, Diagnostic Testing and Assessment Tools – Summer 2012
The Impact of Food Intolerances and Lead on Cognitive Function – Spring 2012
The Backbone of Good Health – Spring 2011
Chemicals in Personal Care Products – Summer 2011
How Nature's Rhythms Affect the State of Health – Fall 2009
The Root Cause of Disease is Never Another Symptom – Fall 2008
What is Really Controlling Cellular Communication? – Winter 2007
Energetic Viewpoint of Disease – Winter 2005

ND News & Review (NDNR):
An Update on the Educational Status of the Naturopathic Profession – June 2018
The Roots of Naturopathy, Introducing the WNF White Paper – November 2018 (co-authored with Tina Hausser)
Status of the World Naturopathic Federation October 2018
The Role of Emotions in Health and Disease, Part 2 – May 2016
The Role of Emotions in Health and Disease, Part 1 – April 2016
Perception of Time: How Its Assessment Can Create Meaningful Change – July 2015
The Psychological Aspects of Pain – July 2013
Sensors and Filters Aid in Establishing Consciousness – June 2013
Overcoming Frustration Requires Tolerance – June 2011
The Impact of the Mind on Sleep – June 2010
The Rising Anxiety in Children – October 2008
Addressing Language Disorders – June 2008
Is the Body Listening? – June 2007
The Logic of Health and Disease – June 2006

Healthy Living Magazine:
Natural Skin Care – Summer 2008
Healthy, Healing Water – Spring 2008
Choose Health – Fall 2007
Maintaining a Healthy Alkaline Body – Spring 2007
The Other Side of Osteoporosis – Summer 2006
Building Your Immunities – Spring 2006
The Building Blocks to Health – Winter 2006
The Mind Set of Prevention – October 2005

Energy Currents:
Anxiety – Is this a new epidemic? – Summer 2009
Energetics of Disease – Spring / Summer 2006
Optimum Health and Spiritual Growth – March 2004
The Language of the Body – Autumn 2003

OPTA Currents:
The Role of Water in the Body – Autumn / Winter 2010
Energetic Look at Physical Structure – Spring 2010
Energetic Look at Osteoporosis – Autumn / Winter 2009
Is the Body Listening? – Autumn / Winter 2008
How to Integrate Messages from the Body Energetically – Autumn / Winter 2005

New Directions Magazine:
Staying Warm with Food – Oct/Nov 2003
SARS & West Nile Advice  June/July 2003

Radio / TV Interviews

Five to Thrive

The Impact of Breathing on Health and Wellness August 2012

Naturopathic Radio

The History of Naturopathic Medicine in Canada October 2009

Rising Anxiety in Children January 2009 

Quoted in the Following Articles

Canadian Chemical News, Can Good Health Come in a Bottle – November/December 2010

MORE Magazine, Vitamins and Supplements: What you need to know – April 2010

Chatelaine Magazine, What Happens in an Annual Checkup – September 2008

GLOW Magazine – Cocoa Nuts – May/Jun 2007

Herbal Gram, Naturopathic Profession Growing Rapidly in US and Canada – Nov 2007 – Jan 2008

Vitality Magazine, ND & DNM: What's the Difference – November 2004

Articles where Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND has been quoted

Canadian Chemical News

Can Good Health Come in a Bottle? November/December 2010  "This insular thinking keeps the focus of treatment on taking medication versus on self-responsibility and lifestyle changes... The naturopathic approach to treatment involves using 'the least force' and 'supporting the healing power of the body'."



Vitamins and Supplements: What you need to know – April 2010  “Some people think they can ‘cheat; on the food side of things because they are taking a multi,” says Iva Lloyd, “But supplements are truly meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle and diet.”



What Happens in an Annual Checkup September 2008  “Only naturopaths stimulate the innate healing ability of the body. Health and disease are a continuum; you’re not healthy one day and sick the next. There are early signs that the body is heading toward illness. If you’re working with a naturopath, you’ll never get too far along the path of disease.”

Natural First-Aid Fixes – May 2005  “For an all-over burn, add one to three cups of apple-cider vinegar to a cool bath. The vinegar has tannins that help restore the natural pH balance,” says Iva Lloyd, a naturopathic doctor in Markham, Ont.”



Cocoa Nuts May/June 2007  “If you’re truly looking to chocolate for a health boost, it has to be dark – and not just any dark will do. For it to be considered healthy, the concentration of cocoa should be at least 70 percent,” says Dr. Iva Lloyd, a naturopathic doctor  . . .



Naturopathic Profession Growing Rapidly in US and Canada – Num 76, Nov 2007 – Jan 2008  “Iva Lloyd, ND, chair of CAND, also noted a high demand for naturopathic treatment in Canada. CAND has calculated that there are approximately 1,400 properly trained and board-certified NDs practicing in Canada.”



ND & DNM: What's the Difference? – November 2004 Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND, chair of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors discusses the difference between naturopathic doctors and doctors of natural medicine.

Holistic Health Professionals Weigh in on Immune Defenses – May 2003 “Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND, says that susceptibility and risk are based on two main factors: current health of the immune system and reducing the effects of stress, worry and fear. Regarding the latter, fear of SARS can be a dangerous thing in and of itself.”


Telemedicine: Its Role in Naturopathic Practice



Dr. Lloyd, ND was a lead editor on the Health Technology Assessment on Naturopathy – a 750-page book outlining naturopathic practice, effectiveness, economics and safety.



Co-morbities and factors that may affect a patient’s risk and response to COVID-19. Read More >>


Naturopath’s mobilization of knowledge and information in clinical practice: an international cross-sectional survey. BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, 2021. Read More >>

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