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Presentations - Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND


Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND is an international speaker and presenter.  She gives presentations on naturopathic assessment, the energetics of health and the mind-body connection. The following is a look at some of the conferences and corporate presentations that include Dr. Lloyd.


Laboratory Testing: Pre and Post COVID-19

International Events


Panel V: An overview of TCIM education at a global level: a look from the world professional associations – July 26th, 2021 at the Virtual II World Summit on Traditional and Complementary Medicine, towards Integrative Medicine


Using Surveys to Define a Profession – May 8th, 2021 at Bastyr University


Anxiety in Children – April 2019 in Slovenia at their 4th Naturopathic Conference


How Thoughts and Emotions Impact Health and Healing – April 2018 in Slovenia at their 3rd Naturopathic Conference


World Naturopathic Federation Update – March 2018 in Mexico City at the 3rd IberoAmerican Naturopathic Conference


The Link Between Emotions and Chronic Disease – Nov 2017 in Dubai at the AYUSH conference


World Naturopathic Federation and Global Efforts – May 2017 in Madrid Spain at 2nd European Congress on Naturopathy 


World Naturopathic Federation Update – June 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany at International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health


Bridging Naturopathic and Energetic Medicine – July 2014 in Paris at the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM)

Health Fusion is the bi-annual conference for the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

The Role of Filters and Boundaries – June 2013 in Ottawa


Maintaining an Alkaline Environment – June 2011 in Alberta


Identifying the Root Cause of Disease – June 2009 in Montreal


The Mirroring of Language and Disease – June 2007 in Halifax


The Energetics of Health – June 2005 in Alberta



The Role of the AANP in the Global Naturopathic Profession – July 2018


Update on the World Naturopathic Federation and the WHO – July 2017




Somatic Metaphors – October 2015


Aging from a Psychological and Disease Management Perspective – October 2013


Touch – February 2014 for the Legacy Project


BCNA Conference:


Maintaining an Alkaline Environment – October 2010


CCNM – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine:


Naturopathic History and Philosophy – July 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Business Summit – January 2016


CCNM Celebration – May 2013


NMSA –“What’s Next” – April 2013


CCNM Celebration – May 2012


APTA Conference – American Polarity Therapy Association:


Assessing Disease from an Energetic Perspective – May 2012


The Future of Polarity Therapy – Keynote presentation, September 2009


Identifying the Energetic Patterns of Symptoms and Disease – September 2009


The Energetics of Health – Washington, 2005


Clarifying Your Business Focus – Boulder Colorado 2000


The Elements of Business – Ellenville, NY 1999

OPTA - the Ontario Polarity Therapy Association annual general meeting


The Role of Sensors and Filters – October 2012


Energetic Assessments – November 2009


How to Integrate Messages from the Body Energetically – April 2006 


BioLonrenco – Seminar Series


Stimulating Change – June 2017


Treating Seniors, applying aging theories to practice – 


Treating Deficiency Conditions – 


Treating Excess and Deficiency Conditions – 


Looking Into Your Eyes – 


Can Your Legs Support You – 


Use of Complex Homeopathy in Practice and other Clinical Pearls – October 2013


Multiple Sclerosis Society – Durham Chapter


A naturopathic approach to MS – October 2013


Ohio Institute of Holistic Medicine


Energetic Assessments – February 2011 in Greece

Energetic Assessments – 6 to 20 hour seminars taught yearly between 1999 – 2007

World Health Organization

International meeting on the Education standards required for Compounding, Dispensing and Selling Botanical Medicine – in Italy, 2005

UNANI Conference


The Naturopathic Approach to Lifestyle Diseases – India, November 2007 


Health Canada


Menopause Coalition Meeting, Ottawa 2008


EICP meeting, August 2007


Canadian Food Guide Revision, Toronto and Ottawa 2007 


National Advisory Board Meeting


Multi-disciplinary Advisory Meeting on Pain and Pain Management – Toronto, March 2008 


CLHIA, Insurance Conference


Naturopathic Medicine – Disease Prevention & Health Promotion – Newfoundland, May 2008 


Sick Kid’s Hospital: Inter-professional Paediatric Pain Conference


Naturopathic Approach to Pain Management – Toronto, November 2008 


University of Toronto: Faculty of Nursing – Advanced Pain Management


Naturopathic Approach to Pain Management – Toronto, March 2009 


Humber College: Annual Pharmacy Technician’s Conference


Natural Remedies and Women’s Health – Toronto February 2010


Foundation of Naturopathic Medicine Project (FNM)


FNM Retreat, Portland USA, April 2007


Health Work & Wellness (HWW)


Employee Health – Who’s Responsible – Toronto 2007 



Dr. Lloyd, ND was a lead editor on the Health Technology Assessment on Naturopathy – a 750-page book outlining naturopathic practice, effectiveness, economics and safety.



Co-morbities and factors that may affect a patient’s risk and response to COVID-19. Read More >>


Naturopath’s mobilization of knowledge and information in clinical practice: an international cross-sectional survey. BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, 2021. Read More >>

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