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Using Integrative Movement to Optimize Brain-Body Function

Childhood development and growth occur in distinct and well-understood progressions, beginning with primitive reflexes. This specific timeline for movement builds the physical foundation on which all higher, more complex physical skills utilize. At the same time, early movements activate and connect the neural wiring for access to the whole brain. 

When a step in this development timeline is skipped or the practice and integration of a reflex is incomplete, then the physical and sensory foundation has weaknesses in it. This can impact on multiple levels.

  • Physically: The body creates compensations for incomplete reflex integration. Eventually, the compensations fall away, and we begin experiencing physical discomfort, balance issues, drop in strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. Active fight/flight reactions and lowered stress tolerance affect digestion, sleep, sensory processing issues.
  • EmotionallyWe may pull away from social interaction. There are feelings of overwhelm, and desire to withdraw. The inability to cope with stress causes an increase in anxiety or depression. Children and teenagers experience challenges with self-regulation.
  • Mentally and cognitively: We may experience brain fog or change in memory. This affects focus, creativity, and self-expression. In children and teenagers, learning is a challenge.

These challenges can be reduced and even eliminated when we revisit the primitive reflexes and complete their integration. Using a powerful blend of exercises and activities from Brain Gym®, Educational Kinesthetics, Movement Exploration and Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT), we tap into the brain-body system’s innate developmental timeline, filling-in the gaps and strengthening the physical and sensory foundation. This unlocks potential at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and cognitive.


Each session is personalized to the individual and desired outcomes. And yes, reflexes can be integrated at any age!

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Tanya Mouland

Licensed Brain Gym® instructor and Educational Kinesthetics consultant

Licensed Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training instructor and consultant