Athletic Therapist - Darryl Gomes

Athletic therapy is a manual therapy that focuses on assessing and treating the body for various strains and sprains. In order to rehabilitate an injury, the athletic therapist relies on their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and the biomechanics of the body to assess the injury and design a specific treatment rehabilitation protocol for it. Using manual techniques such as joint mobilizations and soft tissue release, the athletic therapist helps to promote full & pain free ranges in the body.  Reinforcing the proper movement patterns through specific strengthening and proprioceptive exercises allows the individual to return to their active lifestyle. 

In addition to their clinical skill set, athletic therapists are trained to quickly recognize & manage medical emergency situations that typically occur during sporting events.  They put their First Responder Certification skills to use to ensure the safety of the athletes & all members of the public involved in the event coverage.