Conscious Living

Conscious living involves becoming aware of the factors that influence health and disease such as lifestyle, social, external and environmental factors; as well as personal essence, genetics and medical treatments, procedures and prescriptions.

Conscious living puts the emphasis on understanding yourself and recognizing that the importance of each factor depends on your unique constitution and your current level of health. It is about becoming aware of yourself and making health decisions based on what is right for you versus judging external factors, such as specific food as good or bad. 

Factors that Influence Health

Water - the primary composition of life
Breathing - the taking in of life
Movement - the aim is to move freely
Sleep important for repair and recovery
Nutrition providing the building blocks to health
Eliminating Toxins getting rid of toxins as they accumulate
Posture - structure governs function
Personal Care Products - be careful what you put on your skin
Power of the Mind - the role of the mind in health/disease
Time Spent Outside - the importance of nature in health
Addressing Environmental Factors - the importance of decreasing your toxic load
Healthy Relationships - the importance building healthy relationships

Click here for a PDF of the Key Factors That Determine Health.