Conscious Wellness

Conscious wellness relates to how a person addresses their health during every stage of life and how they choose to deal with different symptoms and conditions. Conscious wellness includes everything from pre and post natal care to healthy aging and it involves how a person deals with their symptoms and conditions.

Stages of Life

leaf.jpg Pre and Post Natal Care / Health Pregnancy

leaf.jpg Healthy Kids / Healthy Teenagers

leaf.jpg Healthy Aging

Symptoms and Conditions

Conscious wellness involves addressing how different symptoms and conditions are treated with awareness and intention.  

All NDs in the clinic treat a wide-range of conditions, yet each ND has their unique area of focus and area where they have done additional training. Click here to look at the services / areas of focus by ND.

There are a number of conditions and diseases that are considered "lifestyle diseases" and that respond very well to conscious living and naturopathic treatments. 

leaf.jpg  Diabetes

leaf.jpg  Heart Diseases

leaf.jpg  Hypertension

leaf.jpg  High Cholesterol

leaf.jpg  Atherosclerosis

leaf.jpg  Asthma

leaf.jpg  Osteoporosis

leaf.jpg  Obesity

leaf.jpg  Depression

leaf.jpg  Respiratory Diseases

leaf.jpg  Chronic Kidney Disease