Past Seminars

The following is a list of some of our past seminars. If you would like to request that an ND come to your office / business and do a seminar, please click here.

Acid Alkaline Balance - Being in good health means being able to stay in a homeostatic balance.  As things change around us, our body needs to maintain a normal range and acid-alkaline balance is one of the most tightly controlled components in the body.  This seminar will explain what actions you can take with your food choices to maintain a balance and improve your health.


Achieving Optimal Digestion - Healthy digestion is a key factor in optimizing overall health. Many health concerns can be impacted or triggered by the state of the digestive system. There are many moving pieces when it comes to your gut health as everyone is different. But there are a lot of basic things that can be done to keep you on track. This seminar teaches:

leaf.jpg  The major factors affecting digestion

leaf.jpg How to optimize your digestion

leaf.jpg Conditions that can be affected by digestion 


All About Water - The body is primarily water. When starting on any health program, the first thing to ensure is that you are drinking adequate water. This seminar will go into detail on water, why it is important to health and the signs of dehydration. We will also discuss the "marketing" around water and the pros and cons of different types of water.


Are You Controlling Your Mind or Is It Controlling You?- The mind is a powerful thing. It can be used to assist healing and to contribute to disease. A healthy mind is not about always being positive, it is about you having your mind work with you, not against you. It is about you understanding how to control your mind and how it can control you. In this seminar we will discuss:

leaf.jpg  The mind-body link and how the mind influences the body
leaf.jpg  What constitutes a "healthy mind" 
leaf.jpg  The importance of "truthful" versus being "positive"
leaf.jpg  Factors that impact the mind and how it thinks
leaf.jpg  Ways to ensure your mind is supporting your health


Avoid a Toxic Bath - Choosing the Right Personal Care Products for You - Choosing the right personal care products can certainly help you look your best, but did you know that they can help you feel your best as well? Most personal care products are completely devoid of nutrients, and merely contain toxic chemicals that pose a significant threat to your health. Come and learn how to determine if a product is the right product for you. Have a favorite product and not sure how it measures up? Bring it to the talk for some practical advice about reading labels and assessing products. 


Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy - Women between the ages of 40-55 often start to experience significant changes in their health.  If you are one of these women you probably are starting to notice symptoms of mood imbalance, anxiety, digestive distress, sleep disturbance, menstrual irregularity, hot flushes, low libido and vaginal dryness.  Did you know that all of these symptoms can be due to a hormone imbalance?  The conventional approach of hormone replacement therapy poses significant concern in regards to safety.  Join us for a seminar that will focus on the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy, its uses and why it is a safe and effective option for hormone support throughout menopause.

Topics to be discussed:
leaf.jpg The body's transition into menopause - What is happening?
leaf.jpg Concerns about conventional hormone replacement therapy
leaf.jpg What is bio-identical hormone therapy and what makes it different?
leaf.jpg Are you a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy?
leaf.jpg Essential aspects of hormone imbalance - why a holistic approach is more effective

Bone Health: Are you concerned about your bone health? Does osteoporosis run in your family?  Do you want to learn about what factors contribute to bone loss and what you can do to strengthen your bones?  In this seminar, we will go beyond the conventional understanding and delve into the inter-connectedness of the body, mind and environment and how they impact bone health. 

leaf.jpg Overview of the factors that affect bone density
leaf.jpg The correlation between heavy metals and mineral deficiency
leaf.jpg The effects of medication on bone health
leaf.jpg Understanding fracture risk and prevention
leaf.jpg The naturopathic approach to building healthy bones


Breathing Basics - Breathing is the only thing we do throughout our whole life.  It actually defines life itself.  Improper breathing is associated with a number of symptoms and conditions including anxiety, heartburn, muscle pain, insomnia and others.  Come and learn how to assess your breath and how to breathe properly.


Cancer as a Hero's Journey - In this inspiring presentation, Dr. Denis Marier, ND examines the Hero's Journey as outlined by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell.  The monomyth is a story-thread that runs through all great myths and stories from Odysseus of ancient Greece to Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter. Dr. Marier shows us how these very same elements occur in our own journeys with cancer, helping patients identify their own heroic elements in their individual cancer journeys.  This presentation will help to foster resiliency and find meaning in the face of the great challenge of cancer. 

Areas covered:
leaf.jpg  Introduction to the Hero’s Journey
leaf.jpg  Identification of the commonalities between being a cancer patient and being a Hero
leaf.jpg   Tapping into allegory for meaning and resiliency


Cancer Prevention - Cancer is often detected through proper screening not because of symptoms. Proper screening involves detailed assessments for your specific areas of weaknesses and general screening for markers that may indicate cancer. The prevention and early detection of cancer leads to better health outcomes. This talk will review ways to prevent and determine cancer risk.


Controlling your sugar : understand diabetes - Diabetes doesn’t always present with symptoms, but with more than 9 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, chances are it affects you or someone you know.  Come to the seminar to be informed about practical approaches to prevent and manage sugar dysregulation.


Dissipating Emotions -The key to having emotional resiliency and to enjoying life is to know how to dissipate the emotions that you don't want. Life will also give you difficult situations and challenges- the key is to process them in a healthy way without suppressing or internalizing the feelings.  This seminar teaches:

leaf.jpg Simple and effective ways to dissipate emotions
leaf.jpg Ways of determining if you are suppressing or internalizing emotions and hurt feelings
leaf.jpg The importance of expressing emotions in a way that is healthy and effective for you

Do's & Don'ts of Detoxification - Many people associate Spring with a time to detox and cleanse after the long winter months. Although detoxification can be a wonderful healing tool, it is not for everyone and can actually be harmful if done inappropriately. When the body cannot properly process and eliminate what it has consumed, then toxic waste products buildup and contribute to symptoms and the development of disease. Come learn more about safe, naturopathic approaches to detoxification. 


Eating for Health - Eating healthy is not about any specific diet or food, it is about ensuring that the body has the required nutrients that it needs in the correct amounts. This seminar will provide a detailed guide on how to eat for health. It will discuss the importance of the various food groups and the cautions of excesses and deficiencies. Bringing a personal five-day diet diary to the seminar will be helpful for you in determining what specific changes may be beneficial for you.


Eating for Your Body Type - Do you struggle with what to eat or have trouble losing weight? There are many diets out there, but how do you choose one that works for you? According to Ayurvedic principles, there are 3 major body types - Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Each person is generally dominant in 1 body type and requires different nutrition. While some body types do best with salads and light food, other body types do better with more grounding food. In this seminar, we will review Ayurvedic body types, take a dosha quiz, and explore nutritional suggestions for each type. 

Topics covered:
leaf.jpg Intro to Ayurvedic doshas - vata, pitta, kapha
leaf.jpg Ayurvedic nutrition & 6 tastes
leaf.jpg Recipes to take home for your body type


Eliminating Acne - Almost half of teenagers experience moderate to severe amounts of acne that can extend into adulthood.  Hormones, food sensitivities and inadequate hygiene practices all play a role in the development and re-occurence of acne.  Individuals of all ages can often struggle to make the necessary changes required to heal and clear their skin. By understanding why each element is important, individuals become more motivated to adopt the dietary and lifestyle modifications necessary to resolve their acne.  This talk is geared primarily toward young adults, but the information is helpful for anyone of any age suffering from acne.


Eliminating Back Pain - Back pain is unfortunately very common – but it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.  It can affect anyone, regardless of age.  Causes of back pain include: poor posture, result of falls or injuries, slipped disc, arthritis, inflammation, osteoporosis, muscle tension, even food intolerances and more. In this seminar, you will learn about the causes of back pain and the options you have to heal. We will also explore how mind & emotions can be connected with back pain and how you can prevent back issues before they happen.
leaf.jpg Ways to minimize your risk of back pain
leaf.jpg The essential role of posture in the prevention, treatment and management of back pain
leaf.jpg Steps that you can take on a daily basis to address your symptoms
leaf.jpg Naturopathic treatment options for back pain and how they work: acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and nutrition
leaf.jpg Ayurvedic therapies for back pain

Exercising Your Face.  The appearance of your skin reflects the health of the tissues and organ systems beneath it.  One of the factors that accelerates the aging process is the shrinking of facial muscles and bones.  Like muscles and bones throughout the rest of the body, when they are not exercised they begin to break down.  Benefits of exercising your face include:

leaf.jpg Improves circulation, which facilitates the clearance of toxins and delivery of nutrients to skin.
leaf.jpg Tonifies the muscles which decrease the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the skin.
leaf.jpg Stimulates bone formation, thereby, preventing atrophy which leads to sunken, aged appearance.
leaf.jpg Realigns the bones which improves the aesthetic appearance, in addition to helping with sinus issues and migraines.

You will see subtle changes immediately. However, the benefits are accumulated over time.


Fermented Foods - Fermented foods, such as yogurt, are known for their benefits to gut health.  As advertisers begin to market the bacteria within foods for the health benefits attributed to them, it’s important to know what benefits are actually there.  The seminar explores the importance of bacteria and how to include them in your daily life to ensure they are working for your health and not against it.


Genetically Modified Foods - Since 1994, over 81 GM foods have been approved in Canada.  North America has traditionally resisted any type of regulation, but with food-bans and labeling laws almost everywhere else in the world, it is important to know what implications Genetically Modified foods have on our health.


Healthy Nutrition Series - Breakfast Ideas - Healthy meals shouldn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Breakfast is such a crucial way to start the day, yet for most people, it can be the most challenging meal. Skipping meals, eating on the go, or eating food that doesn’t match your constitution can lead into more chronic concerns, such as digestive issues, weight gain, inflammation and nutritional deficiencies.

In this seminar we will highlight the important aspects of a healthy breakfast and give you hands-on experience so you are ready to make healthy meals at home! This seminar will cover the following topics:

leaf.jpg How to balance proteins, carbs, fruits/vegetables - for breakfast
leaf.jpg Customize different breakfast menus for your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
leaf.jpg Healthy breakfast recipes (including hypoallergenic options - dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free etc)
leaf.jpg Recipe demo & sampling of nourishing meals

Healthy Nutrition Series - Snacks & Beverages - Do you find you like to snack? Some people go for sweet, some go for salty and often, people tend to go for less healthy options. Even if you are eating balanced meals, if you indulge in unhealthy snacks, it is easier to gain weight and develop other health issues over time. Learn how to make and pack healthy snacks that you can keep at your work, in the car or send with the kids. In this seminar, we will explore delicious and healthy snacks that you can make at home.

This seminar will teach you: 

leaf.jpg When to snack and when not to
leaf.jpg Sweet snack & Savoury snack recipes
leaf.jpg Healthy beverage ideas (home-made nut milk, herbal teas)
leaf.jpg Hypoallergenic snack recipes, demo & sampling

Healthy Nutrition Series - Lunch & Dinner Ideas - Healthy meals shouldn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Lunch should typically be the main meal of the day, packed with wholesome nutrition. Dinner should be nourishing and satisfying without being heavy. For many people, lunch is either a quick sandwich packed at home or some take-out from the food court and dinners may be rushed. If you have food sensitivities, it can be even more challenging to replace common meal items such as bread, cheese, or eggs. With proper planning and guidance, lunch & dinner can be simple to make, and appetizing to eat. In this seminar we will explore the ingredients of healthy meals with recipes and tips to make quick and nutritious meals for the family.

This seminar will cover the following topics:

leaf.jpg How to balance proteins, carbs, fruits/vegetables - for lunch & dinner
leaf.jpg Ways to adjust meals according to your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) & the season
leaf.jpg How to incorporate the 6 tastes in each meal
leaf.jpg Healthy substitutions for common food allergens (dairy, wheat, eggs)
leaf.jpg Nutritious recipes, recipe demo & sampling

Healthy Weight - Healthy weight loss can be challenging for many people, especially as we age.  No matter what diet you choose, there are key strategies that increase your success. Come learn about the Healthy Weight Program and the top 5 weight loss obstacles and primary strategies to overcome them.


Heart disease on your mind? It should be - Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide accounting for 17 million deaths per year. This seminar explains what causes heart disease and different approaches to prevent and manage it.


Hormones: The World of Estrogen and Progesterone, Clinical Imbalances - Estrogen and progesterone have significant functions in the female body and relative imbalances can cause a host of issues around menstruation and fertility. From puberty to menopause these hormones are in constant fluctuation and can be easily influenced by our diet, lifestyle, toxicity and medications. This seminar will discuss the roles and functions of these hormones, conditions that are caused by imbalances and what can be done to support healthy hormonal balance.  

 leaf.jpg Overview of estrogen and progesterone
leaf.jpg Natural fluctuations of these hormones throughout the month and as we age
leaf.jpg How relative imbalances such as PMS, PCOS and fertility are assessed and their conventional treatments
leaf.jpg Factors that influence estrogen and progesterone levels
leaf.jpg Naturopathic approach to hormone balancing


How to Manage Anxiety Naturally - Do you suffer from anxiety? Is your anxiety keeping you from living at your highest potential? Mild situational anxiety is a normal part of life. The problem is when anxiety is constant. Chronic anxiety will affect the immune system, sleep, energy and resilience. Long term anxiety will also aggravate pre-existing illnesses and create new ones. There are many ways to ensure that your anxiety is easily managed. 

leaf.jpg How the body responds to anxiety
leaf.jpg Symptoms of anxiety
leaf.jpg The different manifestations of anxiety
leaf.jpg Lifestyle factors that contribute to anxiety
leaf.jpg Easy tips to manage your anxiety 

Its Not About Work Life Balance, but About Prioritization and Coherence - Learning how to prioritize your goals and ensure that they are right for you is the key set to success. Goal setting helps people guide their life and ensures that they achieve what they desire.  Spending time prioritizing your goals helps cut through the chaos and clutter of life. Learning how to set effective goals and how to work with them can be an essential aspect of achieving and maintaining health.

Topics covered: 
leaf.jpg The importance of prioritizing your goals and knowing if they are right for you
leaf.jpg How to set effective goals and priorities
leaf.jpg The impact of goals on the mind and how the mind prioritizes
leaf.jpg Understanding how goals can help you achieve the most out of life and how they improve health.

Mastering Anxiety  -  Anxiety is one of the most common mental-health conditions.  It can affect sleep, activities of daily living, concentration - everything. There are ways of decreasing anxiety and regaining control of your mind and your life. In this seminar the following will be discussed:  
leaf.jpg  The causes of anxiety  
leaf.jpg  The role of anxiety and the role it plays in your life
leaf.jpg  Self-care techniques to decrease the impact of anxiety on your life
leaf.jpg  Naturopathic treatment approach to anxiety
Medicinal Spices - Warm up this winter -Spices have long been treasured – not only for their taste but also for their medicinal properties. This seminar will introduce you to some of the common and more exotic spices. You will learn how to incorporate spices into your daily diet for therapeutic benefit along with Ayurvedic uses. This seminar with cover:
 leaf.jpgCurrent research & medicinal uses of spices
 leaf.jpgChoosing spices to complement your Ayurvedic Constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
 leaf.jpgCooking methods for optimal therapeutic benefit 
Memory Loss - Memory loss and cognitive decline are concerns that most people have as they age. For some, signs of memory loss are a reflection of multi-tasking and life being too busy. But for others, memory loss is real and is best caught early. There are many factors that contribute to memory loss including diet, head injuries, exercise, occupation, environmental toxins, some prescription medications and others. There are also a number of conditions associated with memory loss including diabetes, anemia, high and low cholesterol, etc. This seminar will discuss how memory loss is assessed, prevented and treated. 

Topics to be discussed:

leaf.jpg Overview of the factors that contribute to memory loss and their impact
leaf.jpg The correlation between high blood sugar, anemia and other health conditions and memory loss
 leaf.jpg Ways to accurately assess for memory loss
leaf.jpg Strategies to prevent memory loss and to delay the progression of memory loss
leaf.jpg The naturopathic approach to treating memory loss, dementia and cognitive decline

Movement for Seniors - An increase in range-of-motion, balance and flexibility can be achieved at any age when a proper exercise regimen is introduced. Improving balance and flexibility can often be the most important steps to reducing the risk of fall or injury. This seminar will demonstrate easy ways to improve overall movement and fitness for seniors, including guidelines that take into account a range of health concerns. Come dressed ready to move.


Natural Tips for Travel - Travelling can be exciting.  However, it may expose you to new situations and environments for which you need to be adequately prepared.  This seminar will highlight tips to help you and your family stay healthy while travelling.  Topics will include suggestions for preventing illness and handy items to pack with you.  The workshop will focus on practical suggestions for domestic or international travel and cover aspects such as:

leaf.jpg Cold and flu prevention
leaf.jpg Managing common digestive issues
leaf.jpg Caring for bites and cuts
leaf.jpg Reducing jetlag
leaf.jpg Travel hygiene tips
leaf.jpg Reducing travel fatigue and anxiety

Oral Health - Maintaining optimal oral health is becoming more challenging. Unfortunately, conventional dentistry is not always enough to protect you from developing cavities, gum disease and other conditions that affect the oral cavity. Factors such as stress, medications and diet impact the oral cavity which is the opening to the whole digestive tract. In this workshop you will learn about common oral health concerns and what you can do to keep your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums healthy. Topics to be discussed include:

leaf.jpg Overview of oral health concerns including gingivitis, periodontitis, weak tooth enamel, cavities, bad breath and teeth grinding.

leaf.jpg Understanding the connection between gut flora and oral flora

leaf.jpg Role of pH in oral health

leaf.jpg Ideal daily hygiene habits

leaf.jpg  Naturopathic approach to oral health


Oral Health - Brushing, flossing & eating healthy are important steps to preventing cavities, gum disease and other conditions that affect the mouth, teeth and gums. Yet, in today’s world, maintaining optimum oral health is becoming more challenging despite daily oral hygiene. A healthy oral cavity sets the environment for a healthy digestive tract, which in turn is linked to all the systems in the body. This seminar with cover:

leaf.jpgCommon concerns such as cavities, receding gums, bad breath

leaf.jpgAn overview of naturopathic daily oral hygiene

leaf.jpgOil pulling, natural mouthwash and Ayurvedic self-care techniques


Optimize Your Biological Age - Aging does not effect everyone equally. We all know people who “look good for their age” and those who have aged prematurely. With aging, you have a chronological age and a biological age. Chronological age is determined by how many years you have been alive, while biological age is determined by the health of your tissues & organs. Come learn how to look and feel younger by optimizing your biological age. 


Pain Management - Part 1: Reducing Muscle Tension - Muscle tension affects everyone and is often worse over the colder months. If left unaddressed, it can lead to additional problems such as headaches, back pain, reduced mobility and more. In this seminar we will explore some of the causes of chronic muscle tension and ways you can release tight muscles. This seminar will teach: 

leaf.jpg Physical, mental & emotional causes of chronic muscle tension
leaf.jpg Naturopathic treatment options (lifestyle, supplements, herbs, acupuncture for muscle relaxation)
leaf.jpg Acupressure points to relieve muscle tension
leaf.jpg Massage techniques and stretches for relaxation

Pain Management - Part 2: Arthritis - Chronic arthritis in older adults can be challenging - significant pain, frustration and fatigue can leave you feeling discouraged. Even if you are on medications, naturopathic medicine can provide additional support for arthritis. In this seminar, we will help you understand how you can manage arthritic pain with natural solutions. This seminar will cover:

leaf.jpg Lifestyle factors that contribute to arthritis 
leaf.jpg The essential role of posture in minimizing joint pain
leaf.jpg The role of nutrition in arthritis 
leaf.jpg Methods to help cope with pain
leaf.jpg Naturopathic treatment options (acupuncture, herbs, ayurvedic therapies)

Pelvic Floor Health - People struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), interstitial cystitis (IC), bladder or prostate pain may in fact be dealing with an undiagnosed muscle and connective tissue disorder in the pelvis.  This talk will focus on helping patients understand how chronic pelvic pain can be addressed through a naturopathic approach and self-care.


Personal Care Product Day - We have a strong focus on skin and individualized detoxification as a means of cultivating optimal health which means emphasizing chemical free, therapeutic skin care as an important part of any health plan. Demo Days are designed to provide an opportunity to educate people on how they can make more individually appropriate choices with personal care that facilitate their overall health goals.

Drop in and receive advice about how to design a healthy skincare regimen that matches your skin and body's needs. Information provided includes tips about

leaf.jpg How to determine/decide on the best products for your skin type
leaf.jpg Understanding the importance of changing your regimen seasonally 
leaf.jpg Prepping your skin for winter - avoiding dry skin & worsening of skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis
leaf.jpg General advice on anti-aging strategies that promote overall health


Preparing for Cold and Flue Season - Do you or your kids seem to catch every cold that goes around? Do your kids constantly have a runny nose or lingering cough? Do you want to feel empowered to handle acute colds and flus at home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are invited to join and explore the different natural and home remedies for cold and flu prevention and treatment. Topics to be covered include: 

leaf.jpg Learn the difference between cold and flu and the main warning signs
leaf.jpg Home remedies for colds and flu prevention and treatment
leaf.jpg Taste testing different cough syrups, immune teas and tinctures - with a focus on those for kids
leaf.jpg Learn what you can do to prevent colds and flus
leaf.jpg Learn when to check in with your ND for additional support


Preparing for Fall - Vata Care -As the seasons change, you need to ensure you prepare your body, mind and spirit for the fall. Ayurveda helps us understand how the forces in nature affect us and what we can do to restore balance. Common concerns in the fall include dryness, cold limbs, increased anxiety and slower digestion. This seminar will teach you how diet and lifestyle tips can keep you "tuned up" in fall.

leaf.jpg Understanding the elements & doshas
leaf.jpg Signs of vata imbalance
leaf.jpg Diet and lifestyle guidelines for fall
leaf.jpg Recipes for fall season

Preparing for the Summer - As the seasons shift, it is important to make changes in our diet and lifestyle.  Summer is a season of sun and heat and it is more common to see heat-related conditions such as dehydration, skin rashes and inflammation, as well as emotions such as irritability and anger.  By modifying what you eat, how you exercise and by adjusting your daily routine, it is easier to achieve balance.  Drawing from wisdom the understanding of Naturopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, this workshop will cover the following topics:

leaf.jpg The impact of seasonal changes on your body, mind and emotions
leaf.jpg Overview of heat-related conditions
leaf.jpg Understanding "cooling" vs. "warming" foods
leaf.jpg Naturopathic and Ayurvedic tips for summer
leaf.jpg Recipe demo and tasting

Seasonal Skin Care - Your skin's needs are determined by a number of factors: skin type, age, the time of day and the season. Winter can be a particularly rough season for skin. Dry skin can be hard to avoid and this often leads to a worsening of chronic skin conditions for those who have them. Regardless of your skin type, it is good to give your skin a little extra TLC in the winter months. Join us for this seminar, and ensure your skin's seasonal needs are being met.


Screen Time: The Impact on Your Health - The average individual in North America is spending an increased amount of time in front of a screen. Cell phones, tablets and computers have evolved dramatically over the last decade and so has their use at work, school and home. While there are numerous benefits of technology, we have yet to understand the long term health implications.

This talk will explore technology use and its impact on health. Topics will include background, research, naturopathic & Ayurvedic approaches to diagnosis and treatment of health concerns connected with excess screen time.


Sleep Problems - Determining the Cause - The key to solve any sleep problem is truly knowing the root cause. This seminar will provide a logical way of determining the cause of your sleep disorders and will provide guidance on the lifestyle changes that can be made to improve sleep.


Soul Enhancement Seminar - This seminar is designed for those who have been working on personal growth and spirituality for awhile and would like to take their knowledge to the next level.  Join us in understanding the world stage of energetics and how to stay grounded in the energetic framework.  You will learn how consciousness and spirituality play integral roles in everyone's health and wellbeing. Enhance your authentic self by awakening your personal power sources from within.  You will be provided with guidance and practical techniques to enhance your spirit, nourish your soul and regain your positive awareness.   Find out how to become receptive to spiritual information and create your dream life. For more information visit, or contact Natalie Pequeuex at 416-903-5438.


Summer Health with Ayurveda - summer is the season of sun, heat, intensity and fire. Depending on your constitution, summer may either aggravate your innate tendencies or compensate for your imbalances. As the seasons shift, it is important to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. This seminar will cover:

leaf.jpg The impact of heat on body, mind, emotions
leaf.jpg Overview of heat related conditions (hives, rashes, burns, acid reflux etc)
leaf.jpg Understanding 'heating' and 'cooling' foods
leaf.jpg Naturopathic & Ayurvedic tips for summer
leaf.jpg Summer recipes 

Spices to Warm Up Winter - Spices have long been treasured additions to cooking – for their taste as well as their medicinal properties.  This seminar will introduce you to some of the common and more exotic spices you may have in your cupboard. You will learn how to incorporate them into your daily diet for their medicinal benefits, and you will be introduced to which spices can be used for which Ayurvedic constitutions (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).  This seminar teaches:

leaf.jpg The traditional uses of spices
leaf.jpg Current research and modern uses of the most common spices
leaf.jpg Choosing spices to complement your Dosha (Ayurvedic constitution)
leaf.jpg Cooking methods for optimal therapeutic benefit

Strings of Attachment- Strings of Attachment is a seminar designed to strengthen relationships and to make them healthier. It provides an objective way of looking at how your relationships are structured - what you share with different people, whether or not your relationships are healthy or unhealthy and ways to change them.  This seminar teaches:

leaf.jpg An objective way of assessing relationships
leaf.jpg Ways of improving challenging relationships
leaf.jpg How to let go of negative or harmful aspects in a relationship
leaf.jpg You how to enjoy your relationships more fully

Structure Governs Function - The Importance of Posture - The bones, muscles and spine are responsible for protecting the inner organs and ensuring that a person can move freely without any discomfort.  The principles of naturopathic medicine are partly based on the concept of structure governs function. This seminar will discuss the importance of structure, posture and alignment. It will provide guidelines on how to determine how aligned you are and what steps you need to take to become more aligned.


Summer Does Not Have to Mean Gout - For many people summer time means tasty BBQ time, but unfortunately that may put them at risk of developing gout or having flair ups.  Learn what is behind it and what you can do to minimize your risk.


Taste Testing Series Part 1: Tasty and Easy Wheat Free Pasta Options - Are you looking for a healthy alternative to wheat pasta, but aren't sure if the recipes will turn out? Here's your opportunity to try a variety of wheat free pastas that will give you confidence in your meals. As we know, wheat allergies are becoming an epidemic. Wheat has been added unnecessarily to our foods, creating a burden on the immune system resulting in sensitivities or even celiac disease. 

 leaf.jpg Taste testing approximately ten different wheat free pasta options
  Overview of the pros and cons of each pasta option
  Exploring ingredients and the effects on your health


Taste Testing Series Part 2: Healthy Protein Bar Options - Have you been searching for a protein bar that tastes good but is also not too high in sugar? Do you want to send your child to school with a healthy snack that will give them energy? 

 Taste a variety of protein bars
 Overview of the Pros and Cons of each protein bar 
 Explore the ingredients of each protein bar

Thyroid health: How optimizing your thyroid function can change everything - Your thyroid influences nearly every aspect of your health. Low mood, hair loss, fatigue, menstrual irregularities and weight gain can often be tied to an under-functioning thyroid.  In this seminar we will discuss how the thyroid functions and the important building blocks and co-factors for optimal thyroid hormone production.  Concepts that will be discussed include:

leaf.jpg How the thyroid works and what hormones it can influence
leaf.jpg Signs of symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
leaf.jpg How you can be medicated but still have an under-functioning thyroid
leaf.jpgWhat could be harming your thyroid

Turning Back the Clock: Optimize Your Biological Age - We all know people who “look good for their age” and those who have aged prematurely. With aging, you have a chronological age and a biological age. Chronological age is determined by how many years you have been alive, while biological age is determined by the health of your tissues & organs. Come learn how to look and feel younger by optimizing your biological age.


Understanding Protein - There is a lot of conflicting information about where to get your protein from and how much we should be eating. Diets such as Atkins and Paleo promote a protein rich diet often with a lot more meat than people are used to eating. This seminar will compare the different types of diets and discuss the best approach to eating protein.


What Diet is Right for You? -There are a lot of different diets out there and a lot of overwhelming information regarding what is good and what isn't. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about a diet you've read about or something you've been considering trying. This seminar teaches:

leaf.jpg Question and answer session on any diet 
leaf.jpg  The basics on general dietary guidelines
leaf.jpg  Factors that can impact diet recommendations


What you don't know about Yeast and Candida - An overgrowth of Candida can often be a hidden curse of common health concerns affecting women and children. Conditions that often have an underlying overgrowth of yeast include: digestive concerns, fatigue, a weak immune system, Brain fog, skin conditions and behavioral issues (especially in children). 

leaf.jpg Common and uncommon symptoms of Yeast and Candida
leaf.jpg Causes of Yeast and Candida
leaf.jpg Why women experience chronic yeast infections
leaf.jpg Review of naturopathic testing and treatment for both acute yeast infections and chronic yeast infections

Weight Loss for Those Over 40- As you get older gaining weight is easier and losing weight is more difficult. What worked in the past no longer works. In this seminar we will be discussing the current research behind weight loss, especially as it applies to those over 40 years of age. We will also be discussing some new approaches for weight loss, especially designed for those individuals under chronic stress. Topics to be covered include:

leaf.jpg The new research behind weight loss
leaf.jpg Why snacking is so bad for you
leaf.jpg The link behind chronic stress and weight
leaf.jpg The role of genetics and how your genetics are altered throughout your life
leaf.jpg New approaches to weight loss