The naturopathic doctors in our clinic and other health professionals within the community provide seminars, mostly free-of-charge, for patients and the public as a way of teaching the basics of conscious living and achieving optimal wellness.  

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2019 Seminars  

June 11th at 6:30pm by Dr. Leena Athparia, ND

Summer Health with Ayurveda

Summer is the season of sun, heat, intensity and fire. Depending on your constitution, summer may either aggravate your innate tendencies or compensate for your imbalances. As the seasons shift, it is important to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. This seminar will cover:

leaf.jpg The impact of heat on body, mind, emotions

leaf.jpg Overview of heat related conditions (hives, rashes, burns, acid reflux etc)

leaf.jpg Understanding 'heating' and 'cooling' foods

leaf.jpg Naturopathic & Ayurvedic tips for summer

leaf.jpg Summer recipes 




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