The naturopathic doctors and other practitioners in our clinic provide seminars, mostly free-of-charge, for patients and the public as a way of teaching the basics of conscious living and achieving optimal wellness.  

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Upcoming Events

March Seminars  

Tuesday March 24th at 6:30 by Dr. Ann-Marie Regina, ND 

How to become more alkaline 

With spring approaching, the body is more prone to undergo detoxification. So how can we help it along? Becoming more alkaline in terms of what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies plays a major role in detoxification. There are many simple ways to achieve an alkaline status and can help you live an overall healthier life. This seminar will teach:

leaf.jpg Factors that impact alkalinity 

leaf.jpg How to become more alkaline

leaf.jpg How to test for alkalinity 


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