The naturopathic doctors and other practitioners in our clinic provide seminars, mostly free-of-charge, for patients and the public as a way of teaching the basics of conscious living and achieving optimal wellness.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our seminars will be held remotely via Zoom. Please register for our seminars or workshops by calling 905-940-2727  or email us at and we will send you the link for the seminar.


Past Events

Saturday June 13th at 10 am with Dr. Leena Sripada, ND

Summer Health with Ayurveda and Naturopathy - summer is the season of sun, heat, intensity and fire. Depending on your constitution, summer may either aggravate your innate tendencies or compensate for your imbalances. As the seasons shift, it is important to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. This seminar will cover:

leaf.jpg The impact of heat on body, mind, emotions
leaf.jpg Overview of heat related conditions (hives, rashes, burns, acid reflux etc)
leaf.jpg Understanding 'heating' and 'cooling' foods
leaf.jpg Naturopathic & Ayurvedic tips for summer
leaf.jpg Summer recipes 


Wednesday June 17th at 10 am with Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND

Isolation Funk - For many people being isolated has disrupted life in many ways - some positive, some not so positive.  The realization that there will be a new normal has put many people into an isolation funk. This seminar will cover:

leaf.jpg The pros and cons of isolation of the physical, mental and emotional body
leaf.jpg Why being in a "funk" is a good thing at this time
leaf.jpg Strategies to move forward from here.


Past Seminar List