The naturopathic doctors in our clinic and other health professionals within the community provide seminars, mostly free-of-charge, for patients and the public as a way of teaching the basics of conscious living and achieving optimal wellness.  

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Upcoming Events


September Seminars  

Sept 17th at 6:30pm by Dr. Leena Athparia, ND

Calming Anxiety 

Anxiety is a natural survival response.  However, it can get in the way of daily activities and cause chronic issues. When anxiety levels are chronic, it can affect sleep, concentration, relationships and more. Ayurveda understands anxiety as a vata imbalance and offers a deeper understanding of how to identify and treat anxiety. In this seminar the following will be discussed:  

leaf.jpg The causes of anxiety  

leaf.jpg Techniques to calm your mind & nervous system

leaf.jpg Ayurvedic & Naturopathic treatment approach to anxiety


October Seminars

Oct 15th at 6:30pm by Dr. Leena Athparia, ND

Preparing for Fall: Vata Care

As the seasons change, you need to ensure you prepare your body, mind and spirit for the fall. Ayurveda helps us understand how the forces in nature affect us and what we can do to restore balance. Common concerns in the fall include dryness, cold limbs, increased anxiety and slower digestion. This seminar will teach you how diet and lifestyle tips can keep you "tuned up" in fall.

leaf.jpg Understanding the elements & doshas

leaf.jpg Signs of vata imbalance

leaf.jpg Diet and lifestyle guidelines for fall

leaf.jpg Recipes for fall season


November Seminars

Nov 26th at 6:30pm by Dr. Leena Athparia, ND

Oral Health

While most people do the basics, it is not always enough to protect you from developing cavities, gum disease and other conditions that affect the oral cavity. Factors such as stress, medications and diet impact the oral cavity which is the opening to the whole digestive tract. In this workshop you will learn about common oral health concerns and what you can do to keep your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums healthy. Topics to be discussed include:

leaf.jpg Overview of oral health concerns including gingivitis, periodontitis, weak tooth enamel, cavities, bad breath and teeth grinding

leaf.jpg Understanding the connection between gut flora and oral flora

leaf.jpg Ayurvedic self-care techniques such as oil pulling

leaf.jpg Naturopathic approach to oral health


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