Live Cell Microscopy

Live_Cell.pngLive cell microscopy is a test by which a small drop of blood (from the fingertip) is examined under a high-powered microscope. The magnification of a drop of live blood allows us to see a person’s “internal chemistry” and assess one’s overall state of health.

Live blood analysis can help us identify terrain imbalances such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, extracellular acidity, free radical damage, digestive deficiencies, fermentation levels and antioxidant and detoxification requirements. It is a very useful tool to assess one’s current state of health as well as the progression of their treatment plan.

Live cell testing takes approximately 30 minutes and is best performed after 4 hrs of fasting and good hydration. A small drop of blood is taken from the fingertip using a lancet and placed on a microscope slide. The magnified image is projected onto a TV monitor where results are immediately viewed on the screen.

Live cell microscopy is not meant or intended to replace conventional blood tests done by your medical or naturopathic doctor. It is not used to make a diagnosis. It is but another lab test in a list of many lab tests that help assess a patient’s overall state of health.