Laboratory Services


An aspect of conscious wellness involves accurate and up-to-date laboratory testing. To ensure that we have a solid understanding of the physiological impact of your health concerns, we use blood, urine, saliva, hair and other laboratory testing as required.

We work with a number of diagnostic companies to ensure the availability of a wide range of laboratory offerings, including testing for:

   leaf.jpg  adrenal stress index                              leaf.jpg    liver detoxification capability

   leaf.jpg  candida                                                   leaf.jpg    metabolic functioning               

   leaf.jpg  celiac                                                       leaf.jpg     monitoring of chronic diseases

   leaf.jpg  chemical toxic burden                           leaf.jpg     oxidative stress levels

   leaf.jpg  digestive functioning                             leaf.jpg     standard blood tests

   leaf.jpg  enviromental allergies                          leaf.jpg     vascular stiffness

   leaf.jpg  food intolerances                                   

   leaf.jpg  heavy metals

  leaf.jpg   hormone levels

To learn more about how laboratory testing is beneficial for you, please speak with your naturopathic doctor.





























The following is an overview of the pricing for the main lab tests that we offer: