Women's Health

There are many conditions unique to women which are caused by hormone imbalances.  These hormones, namely progesterone and estrogen fluctuate throughout the month and also go through transitions during puberty and menopause. Symptoms that often arise during these times are indications of imbalances which require special attention.     

Menopause.jpgSome common female related health issues treated at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic include:

leaf.jpg Menstrual irregularities

leaf.jpg Premenstrual syndrome

leaf.jpg Painful menses and heavy menses

leaf.jpg Hot flushes

leaf.jpg Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

leaf.jpg Fibroids

leaf.jpg Hormonal Acne

leaf.jpg Infertility

leaf.jpg Recurrent yeast infections

leaf.jpg Cervical dysplasia

Numerous factors can impact hormone balance including diet, environmental toxins, lifestyle and stress. Common laboratory tests used to assess hormone balance and possible causes include: 

leaf.jpg Urine Hormone test such as the CHI and Dutch Test

leaf.jpg Blood Hormone panels

leaf.jpg Saliva Female Hormone panels

leaf.jpg Saliva Adrenal panel

leaf.jpg Food sensitivity testing

leaf.jpg Heavy metal testing

Through individualized assessments which include thorough history and appropriate laboratory testing, we can identify areas of hormonal imbalance and offer treatment options.

Naturopathic Foundations has qualified Naturopathic Doctors who are trained to prescribe Bio-identical Hormone therapy and Dessicated Thyroid Hormone when indicated.

To read more about a range of Women’s Health issues, please visit our blog or arrange to meet with a Naturopathic Doctor in our clinic.  Dr. Iva Lloyd and Dr. Beata Ciceri have a special focus on hormone balance and its impact both internally and externally.