Intravenous Therapy (IV)

Intravenous Therapy is an effective method of providing the body with therapeutic and nutritional agents.  IVs go right to the source, bypassing the digestive system, to work on the problems, fast. It is one of the most streamlined methods for treating nutritional shortcomings. In chronic and depleted conditions, and where digestive functions are compromised, large doses of nutrients can be delivered comfortably and safely.  The result is that you to feel better faster while helping the body work more efficiently.

IV2.jpgIV therapy can effectively treat:

leaf.jpg Cancer

leaf.jpg Cardiovascular Disease

leaf.jpg Alzheimer’s

leaf.jpg Chronic Fatigue

leaf.jpg Depression

leaf.jpg Fibromyalgia

leaf.jpg Pain

leaf.jpg Low Immunity

leaf.jpg Improved recovery from infectious mononucleosis

leaf.jpg Migraines

leaf.jpg Allergies

leaf.jpg Athletic Performance

leaf.jpg Detoxification

leaf.jpg Heavy Metals

leaf.jpg And much more!

IV Therapies Offered in Our Clinic Include:

leaf.jpg  High Dose Vitamin C

leaf.jpg  Adjunctive Cancer Care

leaf.jpg  Myer's Cocktail

leaf.jpg  Vitamin/mineral nutritional I.V.'s

leaf.jpg  Chelation Support

Questions about IV Therapy

The attached page provides detailed information on Intravenous Therapy, its safety and process.

In our clinic all IV Therapies are offered by Dr. Beata Ciceri, ND, licensed naturopathic doctor and IV Therapist with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.