Healthy Weight Program

We already know that being overweight is a leading health risk factor and significantly impacts overall well-being.  Knowing the cause and, more importantly, having a clear strategy to lose weight and keep it off is the key.  The strategy that outperforms all the rest is slow and steady weight loss with continual monitoring to ensure accountability.  The Healthy Weight Program at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic (NFHC) is structured in 3 Steps, ensuring focused and personalized weight loss. The focus of the program is addressing underlying causes of weight gain with the goal of decreasing weight and minimizing symptoms of hunger, low energy and cravings.
What To Expect?
It takes 100 days to form a habit and the program is structured with habit-forming in mind, using a 12 week commitment to slow and steady weight loss of 1-2 lb per week.  The NFHC healthy weight program begins with one full visit including complete assessment and diagnosis, and weekly short accountability visits to check-in and provide support along the way.

Step 1 involves identifying causal factors that have been contributing to the weight gain. Some common factors include:  toxic environmental chemicals, abnormal sleep patterns, an inappropriate stress response, unhealthy gut bacteria, poor dietary habits, organ dysfunction, dehydration and lack of movement. These are most common, but weight gain is a complex issue and the key is to identify the specific factors for each individual.

Step 2 involves addressing the causal factors and supporting the parts of the body being affected.  If the thyroid is under-functioning, then supporting the thyroid will increase the metabolic rate associated with weight loss.  The adrenal glands play an important role in losing and maintaining weight, so addressing any stress, including abnormal sleep or eating patterns, is central to treatment.  The bacteria in our digestive tract are responsible for many processes, one of which is maintaining a healthy body weight. Medicinal plants, vitamins, minerals and other supplements can be used to treat these underlying concerns.

Step 3 is arguably the most important to maintain weight loss for years to come by ensuring good habits are put in place to sustain the changes. Most diets or programs are unsustainable because they are used for weight loss and do not teach an approach on how to live once the target weight is achieved. By developing habits around food, movement, hydration, sleep, connection to nature and other areas, will ensure long term weight management.

Contributing Factors That Increases Weight:

leaf.jpg  Toxic environmental chemicals
leaf.jpg  Inappropriate stress response
leaf.jpg  Abnormal sleep patterns
leaf.jpg  Poor dietary habits
leaf.jpg  Unhealthy gut bacteria
leaf.jpg  Sugar cravings
leaf.jpg  Hormonal dysfunction
leaf.jpg  Lack of regular movement
leaf.jpg  Dehydration
leaf.jpg  Food Intolerances

To discuss how our naturopathic doctors can assist you in maintaining Healthy Weight, please contact us.