Healthy Teens

Healthy_teen_group.jpgAdolescence is a time of change that brings with it unique health challenges.

Factors that relate to Healthy Teens include:

leaf.jpg  Proper nutrition, avoidance of food sensitivities, and healthy eating habits

leaf.jpg  Adequate water intake 

leaf.jpg  Adequate and restful sleep

leaf.jpg Proper exercise regimen

leaf.jpg Fluctuations in hormones

leaf.jpg  Healthy social relationships

leaf.jpg  Self-confidence

leaf.jpg Emerging Sexuality

leaf.jpg Stress 

Common Teenage Conditions include:

leaf.jpg  ADD/ADHD

leaf.jpg  Eczema, teenage acne, and other skin disorders

leaf.jpg Heavy and/or painful periods

leaf.jpg  Mood Disorders


 leaf.jpg Depression

leaf.jpg Generalized Anxiety

   leaf.jpg Performance Anxiety

leaf.jpg  Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

leaf.jpg  Breast Tenderness

leaf.jpg Cramping

 leaf.jpg Headaches/Migraines

 leaf.jpg Mood Swings

leaf.jpg  Sleep challenges

leaf.jpg Substance Abuse

Services Offered at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic include:

 Routine Health Assessments which can include:

leaf.jpg  Food Sensitivity Testing

leaf.jpg  The use of natural remedies including herbshomeopathics, nutraceuticals, acupuncture to treat all aforementioned youth related conditions. 

leaf.jpg  Nutritional Counselling

leaf.jpg  Counseling for maladaptive eating patterns

leaf.jpg  Exercise Guidelines & Athletic Performance Enhancement

leaf.jpg  Education regarding birth control methods

leaf.jpg  Guidance in choosing personal care products

leaf.jpg  Parenting Support

leaf.jpg  The use of natural remedies including herbshomeopathics, nutraceuticals, acupuncture

To discuss how the naturopathic doctors in our clinic can assist you in treating or preventing adolescent related health conditions, please contact us.