Vitiligo is depigmentation of the skin or patchy loss of skin colour because of destruction of the skin colouring pigments, known as melanocytes.  


The naturopathic assessment for vitiligo includes assessing:

 leaf.jpg Nutritional imbalances or food intolerancesVitilago_hand.jpg

leaf.jpg Mineral or vitamin deficiencies

leaf.jpg Autoimmune status

leaf.jpg Stress and emotional factors

leaf.jpg Environmental toxins

leaf.jpg Physical trauma



The treatment of vitiligo often includes the following:

leaf.jpg Light therapy

leaf.jpg Homeopathy

leaf.jpg Nutritional recommendations

leaf.jpg Herbal medicines

leaf.jpg Skincare regimen recommendations


Contact us to arrange a complimentary 15 minute consultation to learn how naturopathic treatments can address your vitiligo and help you develop healthy skin.  All naturopathic doctors in our clinic address skin disorders.  Dr. Sohail Malihi, ND has a special focus on skin conditions.