Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition where the skin replicates too quickly, resulting in patches of red, silvery, dry scales which can be both itchy and painful. 


Psoriasis is a symptom that results from a disturbance or reaction of the immune system that is being expressed through the skin. Numerous factors are implicated in creating this immune response, and they vary from person to person. Common triggers include:

leaf.jpg Food sensitivities

leaf.jpg Allergic response due to chemical exposure

leaf.jpg Protein maldigestion

leaf.jpg Both acute and chronic infections 

leaf.jpg Accumulation of heavy metals and toxins

leaf.jpg Disturbance in pH (increased acidity) 

leaf.jpg Stress is inevitably involved in some form, whether it is the cause or simply exacerbates the condition.   


It is important to utilize both topical and internal forms of medicine when treating any skin condition. Objectives of treatment include:

leaf.jpg Eliminating  the factors that trigger the maladaptive immune response

leaf.jpg Regulating the immune system 

leaf.jpg Alleviating any pain and itching that accompanies the lesions

leaf.jpg Decreasing inflammation locally and systemically

leaf.jpg Correcting metabolic abnormalities

leaf.jpg Promoting the skin's ability to repair itself

leaf.jpg Improving the body's ability to eliminate toxins


Your overall health and wellbeing is reflected in appearance of your skin. To help you maintain healthy skin we will work with you to customize sustainable, ongoing health strategies that center around

leaf.jpg Individually customized dietary recommendations that are sustainable and shift with seasonal change 

leaf.jpg Continuing healthy hygiene habits that include chemical free personal care products 

leaf.jpg Building resources and strategies designed for longterm stress management 

leaf.jpg Ongoing proactive monitoring of health via annual physicals and regular lab work 

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