Personal Care Products

The products you use on your skin have a huge impact on its appearance, as well as your overall health. 

When choosing personal care products you want to consider three things:

leaf.jpg Does the product contain chemicals that are harmful to your health?

leaf.jpg Are the ingredients in the product therapeutic? Meaning, do they actually improve the health of your skin or are they merely suppressing symptoms?

leaf.jpg Do the therapeutic actions of the ingredients match the needs of your skin?

Note: the needs of your skin are determined primarily by your skin type. However, the needs of your skin shift dependening on the time of day, the season, as well as changing as you age. 

Choosing organic products that contain NO chemicals is the ultimate choice for nourishing your skin. However, it can be a daunting task to do a complete overhaul of all your products at once. To determine which products should be eliminated immediately consult our handout (below) outlining which chemicals pose the greatest risk to your health. 

Chemicals & Synthetics to Avoid to in Personal Care Products

For tips on optimizing your skin care regimen and a guide to choosing products best suited to your skin's needs consult our handout below. 

Guidelines for an Optimal Facial Skin Care Regimen

To learn more about how your personal care products may be affecting your health or for more information on how to select products best suited to your skin's needs contact one of our naturopathic doctors.