Cellulite is also known as orange peel syndrome, This is the common rippling or dimpling of skin of the thighs and buttocks of women.  It is formed from a confluence of skin laxity, tethering fibrous septa, and fat herniation.




There are many factors that can contribute to the presence of cellulite including:

leaf.jpg Lifestyle factors, including nutritional imbalances and exercise imbalances

leaf.jpg Environmental factorsleaf.jpg Hormonal imbalances

leaf.jpg Genetic tendencies



The management of cellulite often includes:

leaf.jpg Nutritional recommendations

leaf.jpg Weight management strategies

leaf.jpg Ensuring the correct physical activity

leaf.jpg Physical treatments such as cupping, acupuncture or other forms of bodywork

leaf.jpg Topical applications of herbs, essential oils or other therapies


Contact us to arrange a complimentary 15 minute consultation to learn how naturopathic treatments can resolve your cellulite and help you to develop healthy skin.  All naturopathic doctors in our clinic address skin disorders.  Dr. Sohail Malihi, ND has a special focus on skin conditions.