Healthy Skin

skin__back.JPGYour skin provides a physical barrier that protects you from pathogens & contaminants in the external environment. While this may seem obvious, what is often less obvious is how the skin constantly works to regulate the body’s internal environment. The skin is your body’s largest organ and the state of its health reflects your overall health and well being. As a major route of elimination, many skin symptoms are not so much an inherent problem with the skin itself, but instead speak more to systemic imbalance. When a skin condition develops, it is important to determine and address the root cause, as opposed to merely suppressing the symptoms.

At Naturopathic Foundations, our approach to resolving skin conditions involves:

leaf.jpg Reducing exposure to toxins by helping you choose safe personal care products that meet your individual needs.

leaf.jpg Creating individualized diets that identify & remove food sensitivities.

leaf.jpg Correcting mineral imbalances and deficiencies which inhibit the body’s ability to effectively excrete toxins and establish optimal pH. 

leaf.jpg Strengthening the body’s ability to eliminate toxins via botanicals, homeopathic drainage, hydrotherapy and nutritional supplements.

leaf.jpg Addressing sources of mental &/or emotional stress and implementing healthy coping strategies.

leaf.jpg Regulating the function of the immune system to improve its efficacy.

leaf.jpg Providing ongoing assessment of overall wellbeing and delivering proactive preventative care to maintain the health of all organ systems.


Common skin concerns effectively addressed with naturopathic therapies:

leaf.jpg   Acne                              leaf.jpg Insect Bites

leaf.jpg   Alopecia (Hair Loss)        leaf.jpg Premature Aging

leaf.jpg   Cellulite                         leaf.jpg   Psoriasis

leaf.jpg   Eczema                          leaf.jpg  Urticaria (Hives)

leaf.jpg   Athlete's Foot                 leaf.jpg  Vitiligo

leaf.jpg  Seborrheic Dermatitis      leaf.jpg  Warts

leaf.jpg  Nail Fungus                     leaf.jpg  Jock Itch