Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy begins in preconception.  Creating a healthy baby is about ensuring the optimal wellbeing of both potential parents through the establishment of healthy body ‘terrains’.   The body’s terrain is like the bath that your cells swim in.  Clean and vibrant bath water lends itself to healthy and balanced cells, including eggs and sperm cells.

The process of cleaning and nourishing the terrain ideally begins 3-6 months before partners begin trying to conceive, and continues until the end of breastfeeding.  At Naturopathic Foundations pregnancy support is about successful conception, pregnancy maintenance, and a safe and empowering birth that results in a healthy and balanced baby.

hands.jpgPreconception and Pregnancy Concerns:

Several issues can arise in and around pregnancy:

leaf.jpg  heavy metal and environmental toxicity           
leaf.jpg  nausea & vomiting and morning sickness
leaf.jpg  iron deficiency anemia                                     
leaf.jpg  back pain and sciatica
leaf.jpg  mineral deficiencies                                       
leaf.jpg  bloating & swelling
leaf.jpg  food intolerances                                          
leaf.jpg  pre & gestational diabetes
leaf.jpg  emotional stress                                            
leaf.jpg  hypertension and preeclampsia
leaf.jpg  insomnia                                                       
leaf.jpg  varicose veins
leaf.jpg  fatigue                                                          
leaf.jpg  recurrent miscarriage

Our services include:

At Naturopathic Foundations we offer a variety of perinatal services to help create a healthy and supportive environment for your pregnancy:

 leaf.jpg  preconception detoxification

leaf.jpg   fertility nutrition

leaf.jpg   female and male salivary hormone testing

leaf.jpg   IgG and IgA food sensitivity testing

leaf.jpg  labour induction

leaf.jpg  urinary toxic elements profile

leaf.jpg  breastfeeding counselling and treatment

leaf.jpg  cycle awareness

leaf.jpg  post partum at-home visits

leaf.jpg  ovulation testing and education

leaf.jpg  group B streptococcus prevention

leaf.jpg  acupuncture

leaf.jpg  homeopathy

leaf.jpg  botanical medicine

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