Healthy Mind

A Healthy Mind is essential for health. It influences mood, behaviour, learning and memory capabilities, physical sense of health and overall sense of wellbeing.

The mind influences health throughout a person's life. For younger children it is strongly associated with social skills and academic performance. As one ages it influences coping skills, sense of wellbeing, development of lifestyle conditions and aging

brain_electrons.jpgThe factors that relate to a Healthy Mind include:

leaf.jpg  proper nutrition and avoidance of food sensitivities

leaf.jpg  adequate water

leaf.jpg  adequate and restful sleep

leaf.jpg  proper exercise and movement

leaf.jpg  healthy lifestyle

leaf.jpg  strong communication skills

leaf.jpg  support during major life changes and challenges

leaf.jpg  addressing environmental and external factors that can affect mental performance

Common Conditions include:

leaf.jpg  Anxiety

leaf.jpg  Depression

 leaf.jpg  Frustration

 leaf.jpg  Grief

leaf.jpg  Learning problems

leaf.jpg  Memory problems

leaf.jpg  Sense of not being well

Services Offered at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic include:

leaf.jpg Lifestyle counselling and coping skills

leaf.jpg Food Sensitivity Testing

leaf.jpg  Nutritional Counselling

leaf.jpg  Heavy Metal Testing

leaf.jpg  Exercise Guidelines

leaf.jpg  The use of natural remedies, including herbshomeopathics, nutraceuticals, acupuncture and hydrotherapy, to treat a range of conditions.

To discuss how our naturopathic doctors can assist you in ensuring a Healthy Mind, please contact us.