Healthy Body

A Healthy Body is reflected in the ease of movement and flexibility that a person experiences. Ensuring adequate movement, knowing how to prevent injuries and properly addressing injuries when they occur are the cornerstone to ensuring a Healthy Body

biking.jpgThe factors that relate to a Healthy Body include:

leaf.jpg  adequate daily movement

leaf.jpg  flexibility and freedom of movement

leaf.jpg  proper posture and erogonomics

leaf.jpg  adequate nutrition / sports nutrition

leaf.jpg  prevention of falls and injuries

leaf.jpg  effective treatment for musculoskeletal issues

leaf.jpg  pain management and treatment

Conditions treated in our clinic include:

leaf.jpg  Sports Injuries

leaf.jpg  Arthritis

leaf.jpg  Plantar fasciitis

leaf.jpg  Foot concerns

leaf.jpg  Osteoporosis

leaf.jpg  Rotator-cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and other shoulder-related injuries

leaf.jpg  Whiplash and other motor vehicle injuries

leaf.jpg  Fibromyalgia

leaf.jpg  Chronic pain

leaf.jpg  Scoliosis

leaf.jpg  Posture-related injuries

Services Offered at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic include:

The integration of many treatment options is essential for the proper treatment and prevention of musculosketal conditions.

leaf.jpg  Strong Musculoskeletal Assessment skills

leaf.jpg  Exercise rehabilitation and guidance

leaf.jpg  Acupuncture and Cupping

leaf.jpg  Massage

leaf.jpg  Natural anti-inflammatory and pain therapies

leaf.jpg  Treatment of lifestyle factors 

leaf.jpg  The use of natural remedies, including herbs, homeopathics, nutraceuticals and hydrotherapy, to ensure a Healthy Body.

To discuss how a naturopathic doctor can assist you in treating musculosketal condiitons and how they can help ensure a Health Body, please  contact us.