Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging is achieved by conscious living. Learning about conscious eating, staying active and socially involved, and making healthy choices are necessary to prevent and treat common diseases associated with aging.

autumn2.jpgThe factors that relate to Healthy Aging include:

leaf.jpg  healthy eating that is appropriate for a person's age and current health status

leaf.jpg  staying active and preventing falls and injuries

leaf.jpg  smoking cessation

leaf.jpg  mental wellness

leaf.jpg  social involvement

leaf.jpg  addressing environmental and external factors

Diseases related to Aging include:

leaf.jpg  Lifestyle Diseases

leaf.jpg  Dementia and Alzheimer's

leaf.jpg  Arthritis and Injuries due to falls

leaf.jpg  Osteoporosis

leaf.jpg  Incontinence (Bladder Control)

leaf.jpg  Vision-related conditions

leaf.jpg  Depression and anxiety

Services Offered at Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic include:

leaf.jpg  Food Sensitivity Testing

leaf.jpg  Nutritional Counselling

leaf.jpg  Heavy Metal Testing

leaf.jpg  Smoking Cessation Programs

 leaf.jpg  Exercise Guidelines for the Elderly

leaf.jpg  Fall and injury prevention guidelines

leaf.jpg  The use of natural remedies, including herbs, homeopathics, nutraceuticals and hydrotherapy, to prevent and treat diseases associated with aging.

Dr Iva Lloyd, ND, has a special interest in working with Healthy Aging. 

To discuss how the naturopathic doctors in our clinic can assist you in treating or preventing diseases associated with aging, please contact us.