Kati Basti

Localized Herbal Oil Application

Warm oil is applied on a localized area of the spine which is retained for therapeutic effects. It is a deep tissue therapy that relieves pain and promotes healing. Excellent for spinal issues, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, low back pain & neck pain.

leaf.jpg  Relieves neck & back pain


leaf.jpg  Strengthens the spine

leaf.jpg  Reduces muscle tension

leaf.jpg  Nourishes skin, muscle & nerves

leaf.jpg  Restores flexibility in the spine

Kati Basti treatment lasts one hour. Treatments are often recommended in close succession.  For chronic spinal issues, several treatments are recommended to relieve pain and promote healing.

All Ayurvedic therapies are customized according to your constitution and health concerns. It is advised to have an initial naturopathic consultation with Dr. Leena Sripada, ND before proceeding to ayurvedic therapies so that the treatments can be customized according to your needs. To book an appointment, contact Dr. Leena Sripada, ND