Ayurvedic Nutrition

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of a healthy body & mind. According to Ayurveda, dietary recommendations and eating times are customized according to your unique constitution. Ayurveda offers a tailored approach by identifying foods that resonate with your constitution, and guiding you on how to eat more consciously throughout seasonal changes.


Ayurvedic nutrition incorporates the following:

leaf.jpg Foods suited to your constitution or dosha type

leaf.jpg Energetically ‘heating’ or ‘cooling’ foods

leaf.jpg The balance of 6 flavours (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent)

leaf.jpg Timing of food according to the Ayurveda clock

leaf.jpg Nutrition for changing seasons

leaf.jpg Food combining

leaf.jpg Diet for specific health concerns (diabetes, weight loss, detox, pregnancy, etc.)

Dr. Leena Sripada, ND has a focus in Ayurvedic nutrition and can help tailor nutritional suggestions according to your needs.

All Ayurvedic therapies are customized according to your constitution and health concerns. It is advised to have an initial naturopathic consultation with Dr. Leena Sripada, ND before proceeding to ayurvedic therapies so that the treatments can be customized according to your needs. To book an appointment, contact Dr. Leena Sripada, ND