Ayurvedic Therapies

Dr. Leena Sripada, ND oAyurvedic_therapies.jpgffers the following Ayurvedic Therapies:

leaf.jpg Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Oil Massage

leaf.jpg Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultation

leaf.jpg Gharshana - Exfoliating Herbal Massage

leaf.jpg Kati Basti - Localized Herbal Oil Application

leaf.jpg Nasya - Herbal Nasal Oil Application

leaf.jpg Shiroabhyanga - Ayurvedic Head & Neck Massage


All therapies are customized according to your constitution and health concerns.  It is advised to have an initial consultation before proceeding to ayurvedic therapies so that the treatments can be customized according to your needs.  Currently Dr. Sripada is on maternity leave.


General Treatment Guidelines – Before & After

To experience the full benefit of Ayurvedic therapies, it is advised to incorporate the following guidelines as much as possible the day of treatment and the day after treatment.


leaf.jpg  Eat wholesome and fresh meals at regular times

leaf.jpg  Drink plenty of water (warm)

leaf.jpg  Allow adequate sleep and rest after the treatment

leaf.jpg  Take a warm shower in the evening after the treatment with minimal soap to allow oils to penetrate into the skin


leaf.jpg  Exposure to cold, wind and drafts or extreme weather

leaf.jpg  Caffeine, alcohol, smoking or stimulants

leaf.jpg  Foods that are difficult to digest, heavy, oily, processed or overly spicy

leaf.jpg  Over-exercise after the treatment in order to allow the body to rejuvenate

 leaf.jpg   Staying up late at night (sleep by 10pm is encouraged) 

Contraindications: Certain Ayurvedic therapies may not be advised if you are experiencing:

leaf.jpg  Pregnancy

leaf.jpg  Acute menstrual cramps

leaf.jpg  Acute fever, nausea or vomiting

leaf.jpg  Over infected or broken skin

Please inform your practitioner if you are experiencing any of the above or if you have any allergies to specific nuts or seed oils.

On the day of therapy, it is best to bring clothes which you are comfortable getting oily, to change into after treatment.  If travelling outdoors, ensure adequate clothing to stay warm. Avoid eating a full meal prior to the massage to optimize the therapeutic benefits – if you wish, you may eat a light snack such as soup, fruit or herbal tea beforehand.