About Us

Our History

Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic has been serving the Markham Community since 2002. We have four naturopathic doctors on staff and offer a full range of naturopathic treatments.

Our Beliefs

At Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic we believe that conscious wellness is achieved by: 

 leaf.jpg  Supporting the healing power of the body using effective natural treatments. 

leaf.jpg  Addressing the causal factors of disease. Our naturopathic doctors take the time and use the necessary assessment tools to understand the factors contributing to your symptoms or disease. 

leaf.jpg  Providing you with the awareness and knowledge that you require to live consciously and to maintain health. We guide you on how to live consciously through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and we provide you with stress management tools. When supplements, herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture and other treatments are required, we only prescribe what is required. 

leaf.jpg  Honouring your time and expectations. If you are ever dissatisfied, please bring it to our attention and we’ll do what we can to ensure your satisfaction. 

leaf.jpg  Staying current with research and health information. Our practitioners update their skills regularly. Most of our practitioners are involved in teaching in their respective colleges and in professional writing and research.


Naturopathic Visits

The number of naturopathic visits required for each patient varies depending on their specific health concerns and level of health.  The general rule of thumb is as follows:

      leaf.jpg Two to three visits are generally required to establish a working treatment plan for each patient.  Your naturopathic doctor will provide you with an understanding of the treatment strategy that they are recommending.

      leaf.jpg On an ongoing basis, patients are encouraged to plan for two to three naturopathic visits a year- an annual check-up and one or two visits to ensure that the proper steps are being taken for their health.  Please bring copies of recent bloodwork/lab results with you to visits rather than emailing them.

     leaf.jpg  Patients that are engaging in counselling or bodywork (such as acupuncture, energy work or other techniques) often benefit from more frequent visits, especially over the short-term or when they are facing a crisis or life-change.

  leaf.jpg   Pricing :  Initial ND Consults (90 minutes) are $260  (Senior rate $200).  Follow-up ND visits (30 minutes) are $98

                          (Senior rate $79).

                           Acupuncture with Changsheng Yan -Initial (1 hour) base price -$100

                           Parisa Wang - 1 hour base price $60  ; Specific Nutrition packages available at varying costs


Supporting Your Health Goals

In order to assist you in achieving your health goals we offer the following:

     leaf.jpg   Full range of naturopathic and laboratory services and seminars.

     leaf.jpg  Our monthly newsletter covers key health topics.

     leaf.jpg  Regular blogs on key health topics. Visit our blog http://blog.naturopathicfoundations.ca/

     leaf.jpg   http://www.ndhealthfacts.org provides detailed information on naturopathic medicine.

      leaf.jpg   Supplements. We provide a full-range of high quality professional health products. We also have a selection of chemical-free natural personal care products.  

      leaf.jpg   Telephone consults. When you require additional support for an ongoing health concern,  you can always book a telephone consult with your ND or health care practitioner.  Telephone consults are $30 for every 10 minutes. They can be a very cost-effective way of staying on track with your health goals.                

We welcome the opportunity of supporting you in your journey to health.